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Seinfeld Suit Settled, Boyle's Insurer Pays $625,000

Jerold Mackenzie, who originally won $26 million from a jury in the Seinfeld lawsuit, and his bankruptcy trustee, have settled their legal malpractice case against his former friend and lawyer, Gerry Boyle, for $625,000.

Boyle's insurer struck the out of court settlement on behalf of Boyle and his law firm. Mackenzie was fired Miller Brewing Company in 1993 after a female co-worker claimed that Mackenzie offended her by discussing a Seinfeld episode that involved sexual innuendoes. After the jury awarded over $26 million in his case, on appeal the verdict was taken away in its entirety. In this legal malpractice action, Attorney Cabaniss, on Mackenzie's behalf, alleged that Boyle and his co-defendant, Michael Whitcomb, breached their fiduciary duties to Mackenzie, thus preventing an opportunity to settle the case for $3 million after the court of appeals decision reversing the jury verdict. Mackenzie contended defendants Boyle and Whitcomb breached their fiduciary duties as detailed in the amended complaint, which is available for download under the legal guide section of this web site.