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We all use commercial transportation at one time or another, whether it’s an airplane, a train, a bus, or simply a cab across town. We assume we’re in good hands, and usually we are. But accidents happen. It’s obvious that an aviation accident is never a ‘fender bender.’ Serious injury or death almost always result. A speeding mega-ton commuter train or a transit bus often injures dozens of people.

If you are injured in a mass transit accident, someone is at fault and – unless you’re driving – it’s not you. Airplane crashes, train wrecks, bus accidents, or taxicab mishaps are usually caused by the negligence of an operator or a defect in the machine itself. The failure to properly maintain the airplane, train or motor vehicle – or even the roadway or railroad tracks – could be a factor in your personal injury. There are laws that determine whether the commercial carrier is at fault. You need a personal injury attorney who knows his way around this specialized area of personal injury law. Above all, talk to an attorney before making any statements to an insurance company regarding an accident involving planes, trains and other mass transit vehicles.

Cabaniss Law represented about 40 victims of the Weyawega, Wisconsin train derailment in a trial against Wisconsin Central Railroad. The case settled confidentially at the close of trial. The evidence presented at trial established that a failed switch was not properly maintained, thus causing the derailment and a three-week evacuation of Weyawega.

In Abeyta v. Cessna, Cabaniss Law achieved a jury verdict of about $2.4 million against a pilot and Cessna Aircraft Company. Cabaniss Law established that the pilot was negligent for crashing the T-210 Cessna aircraft three of his clients were passengers in, and that Cessna’s defective fuel system resulted in a post-crash fire that burned two of the clients to death and badly burned the other.

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