You often read in the newspapers about cases involving Milwaukee personal injury attorneys, and due to the scope of some of the cases Cabaniss Law has pursued, some of our cases have been among them. What you don’t read in the newspaper are the many details behind the scenes, below the surface, and beyond the courtroom that can make or break a personal injury case. My blog is a collection of insights and experiences that I hope will be useful to not only potential clients, but fellow Milwaukee attorneys involved in similar cases, as well.

Legal Malpractice: Failure To Meet Deadlines

Both Wisconsin Court Rules and Court Orders govern the prosecution of lawsuits in Wisconsin and it is an attorney's job to know and abide by all governing deadlines. At times, attorneys fail to meet important deadlines and it can result in the client's loss of his or her right to pursue a lawsuit. If a lawyer neglects to timely file a lawsuit within the governing statute of limitations, it will be dismissed. If a lawyer fails to abide by court scheduling deadlines, a case may be dismissed.

To review a Complaint filed by Cabaniss Law on behalf of a client who alleges his attorney's failure to comply with court mandated scheduling requirements resulted in the dismissal of his meritorious action

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Dog Bites

In Wisconsin, § 174.02(1), Stats., provides that the owner or keeper of a dog is responsible for all damages and injuries resulting from dog bites. If a dog has bitten previously, a victim is entitled to double actual damages. To further review the facts and circumstances of a recent dog bite prosecuted by Cabaniss Law

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Legal Malpractice: Failure To Investigate

An important part of an attorney's responsibility to his or her client is to investigate all facts and circumstances that potentially support the client's legal position. If an attorney fails to reasonably investigate, the client cannot make informed decisions regarding prosecution of the case and the attorney may have committed legal malpractice.

To review further a case filed by Cabaniss Law alleging that an attorney was negligent in not thoroughly investigating the facts and circumstances in that matter

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